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Goldens' Cooker and Cart (20.5") w/Trex® Composite Shelving


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Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker with cart, side shelves, cast iron wheels and high-temperature weather-resistant black powder-coat finish. A full set of 20.5" cast iron grates, grate lift tool and a searing plate are also included
Goldens' Cast Iron offers a superior 20.5" kamado grill with Trex® Composite Shelving and a full 20.5" cooking area, constructed of high-quality, durable American-made cast iron that last generations! Features: Superior construction, Increased Durability, All-Weather High-Temperature Powder Coat Finish, Integrated Hinge, Single-Piece Cast Iron Firebox, Cast Iron Searing Plate, Two Tiered Cast Iron Grates, Cast Iron Divider Plate, Thermometer ±1% Accuracy, Dual-Disc Cast Iron Top Vent, Stainless steel intake. Heavy Duty Cart, Cast Iron Wheels, Solid Wood Handle and more!
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