A Note from Mama

Every December 22 I begin celebrating the fact that days are longer, if only by seconds. By February I actually see the sun setting later. I’m not one to observe sunrises, but I’m told they are earlier.  I like that.  I do not like the cold, short, drab days of winter.I love the warm, leisurely, color-filled days of spring.  I’m Southern by birth and nature.

February does bring me pleasure in the form of seed and plant catalogues. I love my yard and the pleasure of watching things come to life as the weather warms and the days grow longer. I have been known to cry, more than once, when a seemingly dead plant shows a green leaf or stem. I mentally plot, plow, and plant long before I actually work the soil.

The flora and fauna aren’t the only things we need to prepare for and plan before spring.  Outdoor cushions and furniture should be checked for wear and tear, and grills for safety checks and any damage from the weather.

We don’t stock spring bulbs, mulch, or tillers, but we have everything you need to get your outdoor living space in tip-top shape for that first cookout or neighborhood gathering. Come see us and get a jump on it all.  Thankfully, spring is on the horizon!!


-- Sue Watson (Mama)