For those that love to host and entertain in their own backyard, the fall season is a dream. As the weather cools down and the trees begin to change color, it becomes the optimal time to host late afternoon dinner parties and gather around a fire to roast gooey marshmallows.

Planning these events don’t have to be complex. With a few decorating tips and a comfortable setting, you can easily become the best host in your neighborhood, circle of friends, and beyond.

Select a theme. Don’t think of selecting a theme as something you would do for your child’s birthday party. When you select a theme, it can be based off anything, like a color palette you want to incorporate or a certain ethnic dish you know you’ll be serving. The theme can be anything you want, just try to keep what you choose consistent. Often times, the simpler the theme the better.

Background music can add depth to even the smallest gathering. If you have outdoo

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